Thursday, 23 October 2014

New Travelling Companion

Eeeek! It looks like we may be getting a new companion to travel with in Dickie. We have reserved a rescue dog (chihuahua cross yorkshire terrier) and we hope to have him with us next week. He should be just the right size for Dickie and, hopefully, won't suffer from travel sickness. Will post some pics when all is complete and he's moved in.

Favorite Pics Part 2

Wow it's so busy being retired. Have just snatched a few minutes to put some more of our photos up. These are ones that we find particularly lovely and we may have not put on the original blog.
Gormley statue in Mo-I-Rana Norway

Dickie from a distance in Tanumshede Sweden

this girl's first fishing trip and she caught a giant halibut - Norway

Mr Fluffy loving the Brocken steam railway

Tollund Man Silkeborg Museum Denmark

busy traffic along the Mosel Valley

witchy water tower in Ellezelles Belgium

4 year old knights on a giant horse Ath Belgium
We love being in Dickie! We get to see some amazing things happening on our wonderful European and Scandinavian doorstep. We highly recommend travelling through Scandinavia especially as they are so motor home friendly up there - yes it's expensive but you save on accommodation/parking charges in most areas as you can just park for free. Take your own booze though.....