Thursday, 6 November 2014

Welcome Hugo

At last I have succeeded in getting Graham to agree to rescuing a small dog to travel with us in Dickie. After much searching on the internet and one unsuccessful visit to the Rspca in Cornwall (Graham liked a dog but I wasn't too keen), we happened upon a photo of a chorkie (chihuahua- Yorkshire terrier cross) called Hugo at the National Animal Welfare Trust in Somerset. 

As Graham was going to be in the area he agreed to have a look and immediately fell in love with this scruffy little chap with the huge eyes and slightly foxy face. I saw him a few days later and within seconds I knew he was the dog for us. He's not the prettiest dog in the world but he has so much character and cuteness we couldn't resist. A couple of weeks (and a lot of chicken wire around the back garden) later he arrived and has settled in so well. Graham actually thanked me for forcing him to get a dog as he is now totally besotted with him. I can barely get a look in!
Photo from NAWT in Somerset

Yesterday he had his rabies shot and we have his passport in readiness for his trip to Europe with us over winter. He coped rather well with his first trip to the supermarket in Dickie although he spent the first ten minutes shaking like a leaf. He settled down and I think he'll be fine once we can arrange the best place for him to sit while we're moving. We're checking out doggie seat belts today.