Friday, 16 January 2015

Family Fun and a Lack of Lewd

After noticing the spent gun cartridges at the Aire in Sitges we decided to move on and park by the beach.
Monique, Hugo, Me, Sonia, Berend, Mr Fluffy

We had just spent a lovely day and night in Castelldefels visiting Mr Fluffy's nieces Sonia and Monique, and nephew Berend. Sonia has a fabulous bar there called Takua so if you are ever in Castelldefels it's definitely worth a visit. They do fabulous margaritas! Monique teaches kite surfing. Graham was going to have a go but I think he may have had one too many red wines and decided to forgo her kind offer of a lesson on the beach.
Two boys go for a walk in Sitges
Parking by the beach was not a problem here and there was a dog exercising area where Hugo went nuts chasing a german shepherd. It's a lovely spot and very close to Barcelona if you fancy getting the 20 minute train in. We decided to head off as we heard it's a bit of a 'break and enter paradise' when it comes to campervans and I'd always wanted to have a look at Sitges so that's where we headed.
T Shirt Weather in St Feliu de Guixol
I imagine it's a little busier in summer but the beaches were lovely and the restaurants looked gorge. We parked up on the street by the Terramarra Hotel without a problem. The official Aire was hideous and a long way out of town but had water so good for a fill up and an empty.
Medieval Sitges Walkway

We are now in the parking lot of the Monastery of Poblet near Mont Blanc, a walled medieval village about an hour and a half inland from Sitges. I read that the monastery was a hotbed of lewd activity in the middle ages but sadly there is no evidence of this behavior remaining at all - will have to do some online research. Maybe all the lewd activity has moved to Sitges. They still make their own wine so we bought a bottle to try tonight....I'll let you know...

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  1. What a coincidence - we were just watching the TV program "Place in the Sun home or away" and it featured Sitges - which also happens to be a place we stayed for three years running - have fun - G & M