Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Call of Dickie

Sun setting over Western Blackapits
Boscastle is spectacular at all times of the year but especially in summer when the sun shines and the tiny orchids peep out on the cliffs overlooking the harbour. Graham has been out for a few trips on the kayak and we're off fishing this afternoon. Hugo is loving the local cow poo (that's for Simon and Deborah) but has been attacked once by a small terrier which made him a little scared of dogs for a few days. Happily he has now recovered his composure and is back to jumping all over German Shepherds and barking at the postman.
Common or Roman Orchid - not sure which

Pyramid Orchid

Despite the loveliness of Boscastle the pull of Dickie is ever present. We're heading to Shropshire for a few days and Graham will be navigating as I need to get some driving practice in before a week away in July. This could get terrifying for Graham but I shall endeavour to keep all of us on the road.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Boscastle Bound

Weather in Deal slightly less fabulous than Spain and Portugal
Suzi and Scottie from The Dining Club
Hugo's shivering and 'freaked out' expression showed that he was not a massive fan of the Eurotunnel but once we arrived in Deal, a short drive from Folkestone, all was well. His new pal, Welly the Westie, graciously welcomed him into his house (thankfully) and they enjoyed many sniffs, I mean walks, along the seafront. It's exceptionally wonderful to have friends who are not only great fun people but also the owners/chef of Deal's 'number one on Tripadvisor' restaurant, The Dining Club. Loving a bit of fine dining at the end of a six month stint on the continent.
Welly hogging the camera

If ever there was a bleak, windswept yet atmospheric place to wildcamp it's Dungeness. Graham has been keen to stay here ever since we visited last year on our way to Scandinavia so we headed over after Deal and parked up. The signs instructing people what to do in case of a nuclear disaster were a little offputting (there is a large nuclear plant there), especially when I woke up in the morning to the sound of an alarm which,I was pleased to discover, was a fog horn alerting ships to the fact that you could not see your hand in front of your face. Despite the fog and threat of nuclear fallout it's a great place to stay - we asked the local policemen who drove past every half hour if it was ok to stay and they said it was no problem - good fish and chips at The Britannia Inn as well.
Derek Jarman's house at Dungeness

That is not a fat stomach - I have something in my pocket
just because he looks cute
I say this is a big one!
'They're weird looking dogs'
Minster woods
Sanding is pants
It was not much of a struggle to leave the fog and rain of Dungeness in the morning and we headed to one of our favorite places, Avebury (via Tichborne) to meet up with our friends Anthony and Donna who are heading to Scotland in their Hymer Helga. Hugo and his new friend Louie enjoyed sniffing the stones and meeting sheep.
Now we're back in Boscastle which is no hardship as it's such a beautiful place. As soon as we returned the sun came out (obviously happy to see us). Hugo is loving the walks in the woods although he has been attacked (nothing serious) by a couple of nasty dogs which is making him a little nervous. The most exciting thing I'm doing at the moment is preparing a table for painting while Mr Fluffy goes off in his kayak - hmmm.