Wednesday, 29 July 2015

First Drive Fluffyless

The panic is starting to set in as I realise it's less than 24 hours before I take Dickie out on my own - well I have a friend with me but he is a Dickie novice. Yes Mr Fluffy has agreed that I can take the van down to Heligan to see the Michael Morgpurgo play, 946,for a night without him. 
I'm not a complete novice. I drove all the way to Hay On Wye recently and was fabulous until I had a virtual panic attack whilst driving across the Severn Bridge on the way back. The Fluffster's cries of 'Don't be daft woman!' and 'You're being ridiculous!' did NOT help at all. The steering wheel has only just recovered from the excessive sweat and tight grip that I subjected it to as I drove across the terrifying bridge. I can only imagine what I would be like if I had to be behind the wheel when crossing that hideous bridge on the outskirts of Honfleur.
Anyway there should be no horrendous bridge action on the way to Heligan tomorrow, only skinny roads and awful traffic. There will be reports of how I get on. Eeeeek.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Travels on Footie Not Dickie

After six months driving around in Dickie Graham felt the urge for a change of pace so he chose to undertake long walk. After a bit of research he decided to trot across the Two Moors Way - a mere 120 mile stroll. He roped in good friend Anthony to accompany him on the walk, and weirdly enough, they both seem to have enjoyed it. Or could it be that they enjoyed the break from us women for 8 days? 

It took them just over a week to complete their pootle from Wembury near Plymouth to the town of Lynmouth (famous for its flood which was very similar to Boscastle's) across Dartmoor and Exmoor. 

Graham has a Garmin record of their adventure including photos which can be seen by clicking on this link  Graham and Anthony's Lovely Adventure .

Monday, 6 July 2015

Oh Hay! On Wye

The carpark looked large and strangely inviting. We'd heard of this strange and wonderful place that allows motorhomers to park overnight and even sleep in their vans but we didn't really think it could be true! But yes it is true and how very forward thinking of the Hay on Wye council to allow people to stay and make the most of the local shops and restaurants.

And what a charming town it is with a good pub - The Blue Boar I think - a very good tapas restaurant and lots of interesting shops relating to books, clothes and antiques. I made the most of the shopping while Mr Fluffy took poor Hugo off for a 13 mile walk along Offers Dyke then the Wye Way. Hugo passed out on his return but was keen to go off on another ramble the next morning.

Mr F regaled me with tales of how lovely the walk had been, especially the standing stones he'd come across, but neglected to take any photos at all so the best I can do is Dickie in the carpark.
Thrilling 'Spot the Dickie' shot
On the way up we stayed at the Wells Holiday Park which is a lovely site within walking distance of town. We always stay here when we visit Graham's mum Betty. Hugo was not impressed when he met the cathedral cat outside the ASK restaurant. The ginger tom took great pleasure in sitting just out of Hugo's reach while playing the cello with a superior expression on its face.
Betty and Graham doing pizza at ASK
Mr Fluffy has now set off on a 100 mile walk across Dartmoor and Exmoor starting from Wembury and ending up at Lynmouth. I'm hoping he'll at least have a few pics from this trip - Dickieless though it will be.
Missing Dickie already - Wembury starting point